What Our Clients Say About Us


Maximum Performance has received many hand written cards and letters from customers telling us how they appreciate our hard work and integrity. Maximum Performance has also have been highly rated on Google, Facebook, Yelp and Angie’s List.
Below is a sampling of what people have written.

Dear Greg and the team at Maximum:

I want to thank the team at Maximum Performance for the outstanding job they did on my wife’s van for routine maintenance. The reason I am writing though is that the team at Maximum Performance went above and beyond in the routine automobile check and identified that a wheel bearing was bad. So bad that the wheel could have fallen off while my family was driving down the road. Thank you so much for helping protect my family’s safety and doing an outstanding job with our van. Thanks again.

– Vince C.
Sent via handwritten card / letter

I have been taking my family vehicles there for maybe 20 years. As my children acquired vehicles. They also became customers Before I buy cars, I let Greg check the viability of the vehicle. They have been invaluable in their knowledge and expertise. I recommend them 100 percent.

Sonny S.
Found on Google

I went to Angie’s List since I was moving from Northern CA to the Spokane, WA area. Maximum Performance had an outstanding track record with Angie’s List. I asked Maximum Performance to accomplish a bumper-to-bumper inspection of all mechanical issues, replace belts/fluids/hoses, flush systems, repair a broken motor mount, tune the car, change oil/filters/wipers, etc. This was a 2001 Honda Element with 173,000 miles on it. I was not disappointed…I worked with Greg at Maximum Performance and he was knowledgeable, professional, responsive and very fair. I made the appointment the week before moving and everything was accomplished as promised and within budget. If something did not need to be done on the car, Greg recommended to not spend money that was not necessary. I would recommend Maximum Performance to anyone requiring any kind of maintenance. You will be treated fairly, honestly and professionally. Thanks Greg for your efforts.

Peter M.
Found on Angie’s List

Had a tune-up and a oil change to a used vehicle I had recently purchased. When I picked-up the vehicle they told me because I had just purchased the vehicle they did a more extensive check of all parts and that engine was in very good shape. Very prompt and courteous and professional service. I was very satisfied.

Loretta H.
Found on Angie’s List

Had to have a coolant sensor replaced. Great! Maximum Performance was prompt, aware and professional! Maximum has shown me that great customer service–with honesty– still exists.

Curtis T.
Found on Angie’s List

I take my car to Maximum Performance Inc and I have used them for about three years. They are very good. My friend recommended them to me many years ago. I am very satisfied with them and I had a very pleasant experience with them. They do a very good job. Their prices are fair.

Karen D.
Found on Angie’s List

They knew more about my truck than anyone else I had taken it to. Their prices are very reasonable. They went as far as fixing a couple of problems they ran into when running the diagnostic test. Its a awesome place and very happy with them.

Ronald B.
Found on Facebook

Replaced a rear wheel speed sensor. Also checked the rear brakes. Previously, I had gone to another nearby shop who gave me the whole ‘brake scare’… your brakes are going out, you need to replace them, they’re leaking, etc. Their price for the work that also included replacing a wheel sensor was outrageous so I took my car to Greg based on review here and from another trusted transmission person. Greg was Wonderful. He did the job quickly and for a price that was 1/3 the price of the other place. In addition, he made it quite clear that NO the brakes were not leaking… they were fine. No need to spend money unnecessarily for a repair that did NOT need doing (btw-another nearby business who services our tires had also said that there were no brake problems). He replaced the part that needed doing and nothing more. I probably would have saved myself unnecessary headaches and saved myself a lot of money.

– Jaynee W.
Found on Angie’s List

To the crew at Maximum Performance – Thank You for all your good work on our cars. You all do a fabulous job and we appreciate it so much.

– Janel & Chris R.
Sent via handwritten card / letter

They’ve done multiple things for multiple cars in the past 10 years. They’re honest. I have 100% faith in the work they do. They only charge you for the work they do. One time we had a problem and they checked it out and didn’t find anything, and they didn’t charge us anything. They have integrity. They’re perfect on predicting how long the repairs will take. They go above and beyond in all cases. They’ve picked me up and brought me home.

– Linda M.
Found on Angie’s List

I’m sure everyone has, at some point, been taken advantage of, by a dishonest mechanic. I know I have.

My Father-in-law found this shop. He knows about cars, but he’s reached an age that makes it tough for him to crawl in, around, and under them. So when he needs something done to his car, he, (99% of the time,) knows what is wrong, and what needs to be done. He had been doing his own maintenance, and repairs, until he needed a new starter solenoid. He took it to Maximum Performance, and didn’t share his findings with them.

About 10-15 minutes later, the mechanic returned, to tell him he needed a new starter solenoid. He had the repair done, and has been going there since. Given his experience, I have also had my car serviced there.

My first experience, was a new thermostat, for my Infiniti G35, my car was done in about an hour. However, I noticed that my fan was running constantly, almost never turning off. One phone call later, they had my car back in the shop, and replaced what turned out to be a faulty thermostat. They were apologetic, even though they had no idea that the thermostat was faulty when they installed it.

The owner is a friendly, talkative guy. He runs the front counter, and told me my next 3 oil changes would be free, for my trouble of having to return. I sent my sister there yesterday, after Larson Volkswagen gave her a price for her brakes, that was more than 3 times what they had quoted, when she took her car in for an oil change. I would recommend this place to any of my friends, and family.

Grayson and Eli
Found on Google

Transmission flush on our large SUV. I called to schedule an appointment, and we were able to schedule a date and time for the following week. My husband took the vehicle in at the scheduled time, knowing there would be an approximate wait of two hours. He was impressed with the service he received. He said that other customers were known by their name, and the service was completed quickly-he was home after about an hour. We would definitely recommend these guys!

– Melissa G.
Found on Angie’s List

Greg and the crew have served us well for years. You can really trust their service and integrity. There are a very select few that I will let near my MINI. Thanks for being there as I am confident that my car is in good hands.

– Paul W.
Found on Yelp

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all you have done for us! We have become so dependent on you for all of our mechanical needs. Thanks seems like such a small word for all you have done. Thanks again.

– Linda & Steve
Sent via handwritten card / letter

My father and I have used Maximum Performance a few times with his Pro Street Camaro. Let me start by saying this shop is one of the best repair facilities in the area. Everyone working there is extremely knowledgeable and friendly if you have a classic car or hot rod/ daily commuter this is a great shop.

– Mike P.
Found on Yelp

Greg, the service manager at Maximum Performance is honest and strait with you on what your vehicle needs or don’t need for repairs. He doesn’t up sell you and is fair with his repair cost and stands by his shops repairs. It’s hard to find a repair shop that doesn’t try to up sell you or charges you for every tiny second or labor that is done. A lot of shops nickel and dime you to death. Thx Greg for the honest work. It’s my go to shop.

–Rob F.
Found on Yelp

My husband and I have been coming to the shop for 20 years. We drive all the way from Seattle and so do our children to have our cars worked on at maximum performance because they are the best of the best! They have outstanding customer service fair prices they are honest and they do what they say they’re going to do. We will never go anywhere else with our vehicles for service repair or anything else.

– Cleo S.
Found on Yelp

Use them anytime I have any problems. Great customer satisfaction. Definitely keep using their service. Always recommend other people to them.

Larry D.
Found on Angie’s List

90,000 mile service on our 2004 Dodge Durango was performed quickly and professionally by Maximum Performance. The price paid was substantially less than that quoted by the Dodge dealership for less work performed. I would recommend this business for anyone needing automotive work. Contacted Maximum Performance after reviewing on Angie’s List after quote from Dodge dealership for auto service. They quoted a much better price for the same service and performed it quickly and to our satisfaction.

David H.
Found on Angie’s List

Thanks for getting me back on the road again and in my own chariot. (At least I won’t have to learn how to drive something new). Runs like new or sure seems to. Thanks for your help, all of you.

– Barbara W.
Sent via handwritten card / letter